Emergency Rent Deferment Request

We recognize that the COVID-19 crisis may have severely strained some of our residents’ finances. Our goal is to keep residents safely in their homes. Thank you for providing the following information so we may help you through this difficult process. All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Documentary proof of financial impact or loss of income will be required in order to be considered for deferment.

Our priority is the safety and well being of all residents, our staff, colleagues, and all members of the public. We will do our best to assist residents who have been affected by the current circumstances.

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    Please provide the reason why you have come to face a loss or reduction in your income.

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    What is the due date of your next rental payment or cheque?


    Documentary evidence will be required to support your request. Documents that should be provided include:

    • Letter from employer citing COVID-19 as reason for reduced salary, job loss, or being put on unpaid leave
    • Bank account statements before and after COVID-19 outbreak
    • Other proof of substantial loss of income

    Accepted Formats: jpg, jpeg, gif, png, pdf
    Total Files Size Limit: 20 MB