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Established in 1900
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What We Do

Al-Dar Holding is a privately owned trading and investment company. With firm roots in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, we put our capital to work into a diversified portfolio of robust businesses and opportunities.

Capital & Investments

We manage principle investments across the strategies and asset classes globally. We primarily manage our own portfolio focused on both developed and emerging markets.


We establish, manage and invest in specialist healthcare service offerings in the UAE and MENA region. We invest in results-oriented, innovative, and multi-disciplinary healthcare solutions that aim to earn long-term goodwill of its patients and stakeholders.

Real Estate

We actively invest, develop, and manage real estate assets in local and international markets. We invest in assets with promising long-term yield and capital appreciation potentials.

Trading & Manufacturing

We manufacture and supply apparel, textile, and fashion products. Whether you are a garment manufacturer, fashion label, or a retailer, with Al-Dar Textiles & Apparel, we can provide you with end-to-end supply chain solutions.

About Us

A Century of Experience and Diversification

In 1900 we established a small trading business in the Portuguese East African city, Lourenco Marques. Seventy years later, in 1970, we shifted our home base to Dubai, UAE. Now, fast-forwarding 120 years since we first opened our doors, we have built Al-Dar Holding, a privately-owned capital led trading and investment company that is fueled by a strategy of growth through innovation and diversification.

In the 1990s , we founded Al-Dar Holding as a new entity to consolidate our rapidly growing and diversified portfolio of business ventures and investments. We continue to grow our portfolio of investments focusing on financial markets, healthcare, real estate, and technology.

At the center of our belief system is knowing that in order to build great businesses that stand the test of time we must be dedicated, patient and persistent. Thus, we’ve established a culture of agility throughout our organization, focused on learning and evolving everyday.

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